If you are looking for a premium quality, personalized wood house that provides wellbeing to you and your family, a Kontio Log House is the right choice.

With genuine wooden elements and the influence of Scandinavian design, it will offer you an enjoyable and peaceful environment for many years to come. Thanks to the flexibility of our SmartLog concept, you can also enhance your log house with glass, steel or stone elements.

Sara has a network of experts and architects who can help you make your own design a reality. Let your imagination run wild and together we can make your dream of a log house come true.

Finding Your Design From Sara Collection

From Sara collections you can find suitable homes for both urban and country side living.

The search of the perfect Sara design starts by knowing your circumstances and needs. Your family, location, your property and local building regulations give you a frame of reference for your house model search. Think also about functionality;  having breakfast on a sunny deck, and waking up from your peaceful bedroom in the most secluded part of your property. List your important daily activities, and make sure that the Sara design accommodates those needs. Sara Abode Experts will gladly help you in this task.

All houses in Sara collection can be modified to your individual style and room needs together with an architect of your choice or with the help of your local Sara expert. Use Sara collection as a starting point to create your dream home.

See Sara Model Collection

Our expert supports you in making choices that are suitable for your natural conditions, and follow your local building regulations. 

A completely unique log Home design is also possible! In case you did not find inspiration in Sara collections, you can follow the path to creating your unique design.

When you have found your perfect design and made the necessary modifications, it’s time to focus on the more detailed solutions of the building project