Long-Lasting Wood Houses & Kontio Arctic Pine

Sara Abode– Built To Last

Log house building has a long history and the oldest log houses in Scandinavia are 800 years old. A special type of wood is the secret behind the longevity of these grand old wooden houses – northern slow-growth pine. Sara Abode houses are made from the same special kind of wood – Kontio Arctic Pine™. This grows close to the Arctic Circle in the clean forests of Northern Finland and its slow growth maximizes the amount of extremely durable heartwood in every log. Arctic pine heartwood is far more durable than that found in southern trees and in species like spruce.

Kontio Heartwood™ also contains natural antibacterial and antimicrobial substances. In a growing tree, these give it resistance to moisture, fungi, and insects. The same substances also protect the wood used in Sara Abode log houses. This is especially important in locations with changeable weather conditions and high levels of rain and humidity. Sara Abode log houses are made to last generations and to continue our legacy of building extremely durable wooden houses in a modern way.

Quality From Start To Finish

Kontio has leading expertise in massive wood construction technology and together we and Kontio are the world’s leading log house company. We have more than 50 in-house engineers working to ensure the quality and safety of every house we build. Our quality control system covers the whole production process to guarantee you a wise and long-lasting investment.

Tested For Safe Living

Kontio has been granted a European Technical Approval (ETA) to show that Kontio log houses meet the requirements of ETA-05/0119. This approval covers many aspects of product safety including specifications related to moisture, load-bearing and fire.

Thanks to this ETA and our own quality control systems, Kontio houses are CE certified.

With the CE mark, you can be sure that Kontio log houses comply with all the required health, safety, and environmental protection standards. In addition, our log houses are known for withstanding extreme conditions around the world, such as massive snow loads and typhoons, as well as earthquakes.

Together with Sara Abode and Kontio, you can rest assured that you have chosen the safe option for all conditions.

High Dimensional Accuracy

Our state-of-the-art wood machining technology ensures that each component in every Sara Abode Log house is of the highest quality. Our carefully dried wood has a low and consistent moisture content, and we utilize the most modern technology, including robot machining, to achieve excellent dimensional accuracy. This results in visibly high quality. The high dimensional accuracy also improves the airtightness of Sara Abode buildings, which in turn ensures warmth and low energy consumption.