Stylish Interior Designs

We design interiors that allow your home to be tailored to fit your style – whether it is a pale Scandinavian style, dark and rugged, or a natural wood style. And with pre-designed Sara colour schemes, you can create a beautiful and harmonious whole that creates the perfect ambiance.

Light Scandinavian Interiors

We can create a clean, light-colored interior for your Sara log house by selecting wood surfaces that are lightly colored with translucent white. These light shades can also be used in the kitchen and on fixtures.

Fresh Wood-coloured Interiors

Natural pine-coloured walls are calming and form a beautiful interior background. And with our anti-yellowing protection, the wooden surfaces will retain their beautifully light appearance. This design palette as a whole brings freshness with the light tinted floors and with light or perhaps subtly tinted fixtures.

Stylish Dark Décor

With this darker Sara colour scheme, a whole set of shades can be highlighted in brown, grey, or combined as you like. You can also choose to mix dark elements with pale decorations. The dark atmospheric shades add a touch of style and luxury to the interior, and they work very well with leather and other quality materials.