Energy Saving Kontio Wood House

Energy Saving Smart Design™

Kontio comes from close to the Arctic Circle where houses have to withstand very cold winters. Over hundreds of years, massive pine logs have proven to be an excellent construction material for these conditions. The massive logs even out temperature variations, so that log houses stay cool in summer and agreeably warm in winter. And, in the northern hemisphere, where the sun shines at a low angle, the solid walls also collect and store energy from the sunlight during autumn and spring.

Modern Sara Abode log houses incorporate Smart Design™ with our advanced technology solutions to let you live in comfort in all seasons, anywhere in the world, and they are designed to be energy efficient, even in extreme conditions.

Energy-Efficient Technology

Sara Abode log houses are carefully designed to fulfill the energy efficiency requirements of today’s residential housing. We choose the best structural solutions to meet the demands of low-energy construction including log type, corner design, sealing technology, window glass, air ventilation, and heat recovery systems, as well as additional insulation.

The thermal insulation capacity and the U value of walls can be improved using an additional insulation structure. This can be installed on either side of a log wall, and it can also be coated with alternative surface materials to create a variety of attractive interiors and facades.

Airtight Construction

Another factor that reduces the energy consumption of Sara Abode log houses is their airtightness. Airtight structures improve living comfort while lowering costs thanks to decreased energy consumption. The excellent airtightness of Sara Abode log houses is due to many factors, including state-of-the-art Kontio log profiles with double sealing technology.

The double sealing system is designed especially for rectangular logs. It continues unbroken along the entire length of the log and it is used together with pre-cut log corner joint insulation to ensure complete airtightness. We use special details and sealing systems to ensure airtight windows and structural joints, too.

The airtightness of Kontio log houses has been measured in whole house tests and the resulting N50 values of less than 1.0 1/h are excellent.

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