Whether you feel inspired by cosy classic styles or urban contemporary architecture, with Sara Abode modern log technology, we can bring your dream house to life before you know it.

The first step in your design project is to select an architect. Kontio’s local experts will be happy to assist you in contacting an architect from our worldwide architect collaboration network. 

Creating Your Unique Style

When you are designing your log home, the architect will take into account your wishes, lifestyle, and your needs today and in the future. By planning a flexible layout, you’ll be able to adapt your home according to your circumstances. With good extension possibilities, your log house can also grow with your family.

When you discuss your needs with your architect, they will consider essential things like:

  • The size and shape of your plot, landscape and terrain, and access to the plot
  • Local building codes. In urban areas, especially, building codes can include strict restrictions on designs
  • The size of your family and your room needs
  • Possible special needs like asthma and allergies, reduced mobility or any other type of disability
  • Your personality: Are you foodies? Do you like to entertain guests? Do you have hobbies that require additional storage space or craft rooms?
  • Points of the compass. Think about sunlight and the view you’d like to wake up to each morning

Some topics are best cleared up at the beginning, and our experts will also be pleased to answer questions about important matters like the budget and construction schedule.

When you have finalized the design together with your architect, then it is time to focus on more detailed solutions for the building project.