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Prefabricated Log Houses

Kontio Loghouse

Sara Abode is the exclusive distributor of Kontio, Finland for entire India and South Asia region. Kontio is the largest log manufacturing company in the world with over 40 years of expertise in the Scandinavian wood treatment technology.

Sara Abode aims to provide most eco-friendly, luxurious, comfortable and healthy Scandinavian lifestyle leading to an extraordinary high life satisfaction and value for investment with its modern Log Building Architecture made to last for generation to generation.

More often than not when you dream of owning an abode, you almost end up imagining an independent prefabricated wood house surrounded by a lush green environment.

But, in today’s world, where we are busy replacing natural jungles with concrete jungles wouldn’t this be whimsical? Not at all… For Sara Abode gives you a chance to have your dream Log house built from healthy and sustainable wood that is collected from PEFC certified forests with minimal carbon footprint. The materials used are supplied by Kontio Log houses, world’s biggest log manufacturing company which ensures that the logs are treated with laminated log technology and have tight growth rings and a higher share of heartwood in order to withstand tougher climatic conditions.


 There is an Aura of warmth in every corner of the lodge.

Wooden House

Spend your day in wooden houses

The natural and healthy lifestyle of a wooden structure directly impacts the carbon dioxide levels prevalent in the atmosphere. This along with Sustainable Forest Management ensures that the Carbon suite within the logs stays for the entirety of the structure’s life which exceeds 100-200 plus years depending on the quality and thickness of the logs. “An average wooden house stores about 28 tonnes of carbon…. Equivalent of driving a family car for 7 years.”

From the perspective of an individual, it is a truly enticing investment as practically every prefabricated Wood structure designed by Sara Abode would be truly longlasting for hundreds of years. This with very minimal maintenance cost, mainly towards staining of the house every 5-7 years that too not necessary. Kontio’s wood treatment technology is used to wear engineered beams/ laminated logs which are completely moisture safe and fire retardant and comply to Euro code. And since the entire structure is wood dense, coupled with the elastic joints they bear seismic loads and both horizontal and vertical movements as well thus making the structure earthquake-safe. When you factor in renewable and energy efficient elements with a zero waste system, they offer an unparalleled return-oninvestment as well as comprehensive and significant savings with regard to security and insurance.


When combining elegant massive wood Architecture with the ambience of a luxurious interior, a unique whole is born

We deliver everything and anything to turn your property into Heaven!

The warm colors of the fire splendidly mix with the mellow, natural colours in the materials. Lights, smells and texture give their touch to the whole ambience. It is always our aim to create an attractive and unique accommodation solution, resulting in total harmony between the mind and the environment. We firmly believe that our approach, putting emphasis on organic materials, sustainability, a natural, straightforward and logical way of building and understanding your and your family’s wishes, are the crucial factors that create a living environment of an exceptionally high quality.

log house

Timeless elegance, impossible to imitate with other building materials

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